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In 2017, Architect Faruk Mirza, who has award-winning stand designs, and Fatih Bark, one of the experienced names of International Fair organizations, combined their expertise to bring a new breath to stand designs. Thus, Bark & Mirza was born, designing and building exhibition stands that reflect our clients' vision and meet all their needs.

Bark and Mirza combines the international organization support of the group company Atlas Expo with the strong supplier network it has built up over many years and offers superior quality and service to Turkish and International companies and institutions by combining them with comprehensive field service.

Bark and Mirza, the realization of Faruk Mirza and Fatih Bark's common dream, creates dynamic spaces where their customers will shine at fairs.

  • 750+Stand Design
  • 5Continent
  • 30+City and Country
Co-founder Faruk Mirza

Since 2001, Faruk Mirza, who has been designing and building stands in different parts of the world, graduated from ITU Faculty of Architecture in 1996. His designs have won many awards in international fairs. He has been continuing his professional activities in Bark and Mirza Architecht, which he established under his own name since 2017.

Co-founder Fatih BARK

In 1999, Fatih Bark started to work as a professional manager in international fair organisation companies and during this period he has organised fairs in more than 40 countries. He is also the founder of Atlas Expo Fair Organisations, our group company that carries out international fair organisations.

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